Other Video Tutorials


You are required to optimize your website after you have created the website and identified keywords. In the first video below we show you how to install a very popular plugin.

Adding a Plug-in

In the second video we should you how to refine your existing webpage using keywords that you identified in a spreadsheet early on. We also show you how to insert data like keywords and description in the webpage. Notice that the plugin has resulted in new form fields at the bottom of the page.

Dreamhost provides the following reference in case you are not able to install plug-ins: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-127173.html?highlight=wordpress


The first step is to go to http://www.adwords.com/adwords and create your account. The next step is for you to use the coupon in your book to get $25 dollars worth of credit for your AdWords account. Note: select manual payment (NOT AUTOMATIC) before you enter the coupon code. You are all set to create your campaign.


Best resource is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IibCs23EuiE&feature=related. Then click the suggestions in YouTube for other videos.

Here we briefly illustrate how to insert Google Analytics code and link your Analytics account to your Adwords account.

a) Video one: Creating Analytics account and inserting code into WordPress root page.
b) Video two: We should you how to link your AdWords Account to your Google Analytics account.
c) The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin has a nice video tutorial as well. (see http://yoast.com/wordpress/google-analytics/). Try this out if you are not able to manually paste the code.


This video tutorial is very important! It will submit your XML Site map to the Google and Bing Spider to index your website. It creates an XML sitemap for the search engine. A complete list of webpages that you want indexed.
If you don’t install the plugin shown here you must insert the XML site map manually using FTP after you use a sitemap generator. But why bother plugins are doing things “automagically”! Click the Google XML sitemap video tutorial to see the process.