Milestone 3

Powerpoint of  SEO (latest)

Milestone three deals with keywords research.  View this  Milestone3 document. You will like it! you will then install the All in one SEO plugin to optimize all your pages.

Watch this YouTube video giving the example of a website making candles.

After you have completed keyword research you must install All in one SEO.
4. Using the All in One SEO Plugin for SEO. This is the number one downloaded plugin. It does the entire HTML coding for you in the TITLE, and HEAD tags and more!
Before you do this tutorial you must complete the Google Analytics Keywords Tool tutorial where you have identified all keywords relevant for your website. You will then put each of the keywords in your webpages after you install the plugin as shown in this tutorial.
In the Dashboard click Add New plugin
Search for the All in One SEO Plugin. There are many SEO plugins. Make sure you have the one by by Michael Torbert of Semper Fi Web Design . This typically has the most downloads.

Watch the video