Milestone 6 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This is not collected liked other milestones. It is simply part of your final report.

Here we briefly illustrate how to insert Google Analytics code and link your Analytics account to your Adwords account.
Video We show you how to link your AdWords Account to your Google Analytics account.


The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin has a nice video tutorial as well. (see Try this out if you are not able to manually paste the code.

Click here for a PDF of the tutorial of above that I have created.

Google Analytics interface Tutorial

Google Analytics Goals

Best resource is: Then click the suggestions in YouTube for other videos.

GOALS & Tracking them in Google Analytics

As a bonus you may want to set goals for your website. Example: link to a PDF download or PICTURE download and set that as a goal. Of course in ecommerce analytics we would be tracking if someone purchased a product.

Please view the following slides for an overview of GA.